Wednesday, November 6, 2013


One high school summer I went to stay with Grammie.  She had a cute little apartment closer to where I was working, and I jumped at the idea of a little bit of freedom.  I look back now on that time and love the moments we spent together.  We talked about her crochet and the afghans she was making.  She showed me her quarter jars from the back of her closet, where she was saving money for her next cruise.  We hung out in the tiny dining room and watched the big old TV.  We sat at the little kitchen table and laughed over dinners. 

We didn't get as much time as either of us wanted, since we were both working - many times different shifts.  Grammie was very proud of her independence.  She loved the little apartment, which was on the second floor of a home in a nice little neighborhood.  I loved it too, but I didn't know how much.  I was all into being a teenager.  Summer job, boys, music, getting ready for college - important, yes, but still not-so-much in the big scheme of things.

I wish I had paid just a little more attention to those days, to that time.  I wish I had written and taken pictures back then, so I could remember better.  I didn't own a camera, and don't have any notes about ANYTHING from that time, but I wish I did, somehow.  The good news is that the more I think about Grammie and that little apartment, the more scenes come back to me of that time.

I hope I am giving my grandchildren memories that they will have when they are older.  Wonderful memories of times together and fun and love.  My Grammie gave me plenty.  I miss her.

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Tabor said...

Lovely...hope I have an opportunity to live with my grandchildren when they start off on their adult trips!


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